1. Due to overwhelming demand, Kyary’s concert in Sydney, Australia has been moved to the larger UNSW Roundhouse and new tickets have been made available! Australians who were unable to get tickets before when they sold out, now is your chance! Tickets bought for the Metro Theatre will be accepted at the UNSW Roundhouse, so don’t worry if you’ve already bought your tickets :) Purchase tickets here.

    (thanks to the tip from k-beoum!)

  2. Tickets for Kyary’s concert in Taiwan go on sale on March 8th and will be available to buy from FamiPort and FamiTicket

    ALSO: Canadians, Sound Academy has released a small batch of tickets after previously selling out. If you want to see Kyary in Toronto and you haven’t bought your ticket, now’s your chance.


  3. It appears that Kyary’s concerts in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York City, Sydney, and London (edit: Ticketmaster still has some tickets left for London, but they will go fast! Ticketweb and Stargreen have sold out) are now officially sold out. Some of these venues haven’t made a statement saying that they’re sold out, but tickets are no longer available to purchase from their official sites/ticket companies basically confirming that they’re sold out. You can buy tickets from ticket resellers such as Stub Hub, but they will be more expensive. You may also be able to buy tickets from people who have extras or can’t make it to the show.

    The concert in Los Angeles has a few more tickets for the main floor and the concert in Hong Kong has sold out half the venue already. No word yet on the Paris and Cologne concerts, but I’m guessing they’re selling just as well. 

    Congratulations to Kyary! She’s truly an international star  :-)


  4. cherrublossoms asked: Hello! I'm pretty much in the same situation as user yungkawaiiqueen. If any of your followers are selling the tickets for March 8 in NYC, could they please contact me?

    Can anyone help Cherrublossoms?

  5. Fans in the United States: want an official Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tour t-shirt? Starting February 6, if you download the app Sidestep you can receive the exclusive t-shirt. You can either have it delivered to you or you can pick it up at one of Kyary’s U.S. concerts. 

    Sidestep for iPhone
    Sidestep for Android

    (I was originally under the impression that this was a contest and have edited the post)



  7. kawaiidannydevito asked: Hi there! I'm looking for tickets for kyary's show in New York at the best buy theatre but they aren't currently selling anymore, although the website says that they aren't sold out. If any of your followers are selling tickets for a reasonable price or if you have any info on if they are going to start selling again, could you please let me know?

    Can anyone help Yungkawaiiqueen?


  8. dairwojyeora asked: I'm so sad, I really wanted to go to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Sydney. I was going to book tickets, but it said the show was 18+. When I found out it was actually an all-ages show and returned to purchase my tickets, they had already been sold out! I had planned to travel interstate and everything…I was wondering if anyone could help me get tickets; maybe someone can't go anymore? I just wish Kyary would hold another show, and I don't know why she didn't plan one in Melbourne… Anyway, much love to K.

    Can anyone help dairwojyeora?


    • Kyary’s official Facebook for international fans has now set up an event page for the Hong Kong concert. Tickets for on sale Wednesday and can be bought here.
    • Kyary was interviewed by the Japanese-language Canadian website TORJA. You can read her interview (in Japanese!) here.